Gadgets Level 2 Hardcore

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Get ready to have fun together with erotic toys. Are you looking for an idea what to buy or do you like to be surprised? This extra will allow you to intensify your sexual pleasure.

All extras can be with other extras, basic version or played alone. Extras can be used in regular, swingers or group relations.

TRIGGER WARNING: The game contains erotic and pornographic material and is intended only for adults. Some of the tasks in the game include elements of consensual non-consent.!

Please visit Game Rules page for more information about play.

Out of stock

The Lovers Level 1 is out of stock. The approximate date for reprint and release of Extras is May/June'22.

Nakład The Lovers Level 1 został wyczerpany. Przybliżona data ponownego druku oraz wydania dodatków to Maj/Czerwiec'22.