The Lovers Level 2 Hardcore - Switch

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Level two has bolder missions at its heart and is set to the theme of domination and submission.

This level is recommended for those who want to experience something more while having fewer limitations with their intimacy. Partners perform their tasks according to the roles they play.

Hardcore level comes in two versions: Master & Slave, where the cards are arranged according to the roles, and Switch version, where partners exchange their roles to make the game more diverse and surprising.

TRIGGER WARNING: The game contains erotic and pornographic material and is intended only for adults. Some of the tasks in the game include elements of consensual non-consent.!

Please visit Game Rules page for more information about play.

If you are looking for same-sex (gay or lesbian) edition of the game, please visit our Kickstarter project page:

The Lovers - Unique Card Game for Same-sex Couples Kickstarter